Voiceover Rates

In general, voiceover rates are determined by how the recording will be used, for how long, and how many people will hear it. 

Studio Fee

We have a standard studio fee that we charge for all projects. This includes our recording time, as well as the time to edit, mix and master the recording. You have unlimited revisions for up to one week after delivery.

Usage Fee

This fee varies depending upon how long the ad will run, what platforms, how big the audience is, etc. Please see this guide for an idea of the industry standard rates. These fees are negotiable depending upon distribution.


If you would like to use the recording in perpetuity (forever,) in whatever way you wish, we can negotiate a buyout rate.

Script Changes

Any changes to the script after recording will incur a charge. Major script changes (more than 25%,) constitute a new recording, and will warrant an additional studio fee.

Please make sure your script is free of errors - we read EXACTLY what is on the script.

We do offer proofreading and language editing for overseas clients.

The Process

1) Contact us by filling out the quote form.

2) We'll get back to you usually within a few hours with a quote and a few voice sample styles for you to choose from.

3) Once you approve of the price and the style you'd like, we'll add your project to to our recording queue.

4) You'll receive your order usually within 48 hours. The recording will contain a watermark. If you'd like any changes, let us know, and we'll revise. Once you approve of the order, pay the invoice, and the final clean recording will be sent.

That's it! 

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